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After rendering 22 years in treating animals with allopathic system. It felt that the use of chemical drugs triggers adverse reaction, allergies and there seems no solution to these problems. Using some homeopathic medicine for treatment of animals. I found them wonderful, this led to the intense curiosity, So many farmers, pet lovers came into contact and argued me to develop the formulations. So in year 2003, I established homeopathic pharmacy (ZOOPHILY HOMEOVET)and renewed the formulations and introduced syrup, boluses, tablets and injection and proved in Vivo. These formulations were accepted by Veterinarians and petloves by the core of heart. Now after small period of 10 years the pharmacy is growing continuously to new heights. Today owners are also prudent and wise they don’t like such adverse reactions and long use of chemical and drugs, therefore people are shifting towards alternatives.

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There is a tremendous increase in the demand of natural and home products the world over as alternative to chemical product. Which cause toxic manifestations, and residual problems in animal body and the animal products there by to antibiotic resistance in humans and animals also. Homeopathy is gentle and safe eco-friendly free of adverse effects on environment. Therefore become obvious choice among users. Homeopathic system of medicine deals with use of natural substances for the treatments researches with inborn love for animals and fascination by virtue of homeopathy, initiated new throught in their inquistive mind; if the homeopathy is good form of treatment and economic too. Why cannot be applied to save animals economically. In India where nearly 74% of animals are reared by poor formers and owner of small land holding or marginal formers to landless people. Use of Chemicls disturbs natural physiology and natural process of body, this means remedy is worse than disease. But in homeopathy.
1.Curing one disease does not create another disease.
2. Potentiated drugs stimulates the power of resistence of patient.
3.When the diagnosis is doubtful disease are cured on the basis of totally of characteristics symptoms.
4. Very effective in many surgical conditions like tonsils, fistula, and pile, fissure, and tumors.
5.Homeopathy cures disease mildly, quickly and permanently without leaving a long convalescence period.
6. Weak and emaciated patients who cannot bear effects of allopathic medicines, can easily be treated with ease.
7. The homeopathic medicines are pallative so the ease of administration is simple.
8. Economy of treatment.
9. No adverse impact on environment and hence eco friendly.

Drawing the inspirations from the fundamentals of Homeopathic principles after serious investigations honestly Full awareness of responsibilities and profound love and sympathy for sick animals use produce wide range of formulations for the cure and improvement of animals health. And to augument production our endeavour is to provide consistent quality, based on modern scientific methods and heuristic principles and definite logics of organon of medicines by SamualHahneman We in our formulations used traditional medicines and sarcodes and nosodes after selecting effect fully based on homeopathic principals. We accepted formulation, unless confirmed by experience led us away from old edifices being back upon opinion. The results of our convictions set forth as products. The unique blending of traditional glory and modern science is the basis of success.

The claims are well backed by the field trials conducted at various farms by expert veterinarians, progressive farmers, diary men. The quality control and standardization of each batch of every product is achieved by sophisticated apparatus, manufacturing and packaging of finished product is done by modern methods there by the products are untouched by human hands effectively that meets ISO Standards. Respecting the emerging needs for safety and efficacy. We are striving our best for our very customer that is valuable and we honour the users of our products and respect their kind advices we consistently strive to improve the range of products. We seek your special support for these ecofriendly and economic products for the common objectives of treating the pets, and all our beloved animals in nature way.
Note:- Interested marketing companies are cardially invited for manufacturing of their products on reasonable rates.