(Effective remedy for repeat breeder animals)
Marc 30
Borx – 200
Pyro – 1m
Graph. – 6x
Acid nitricum – 3x
Ferum Pho – 6x
creto 200
In dairy cattle fertilization rates are very similar in lactating and non lactating cow average 70-80% there are many factors contributing fertilization failure, unfavourable endocrine environment affecting follicular growth and poor egg quality due to negative energy balance, heat stress, and salpingits factors affecting survival of sperm after deposition of the semen in the female reproductive tract. Also Impaired functions of endometrium may be leading to unfavourable uterine environment, and increased level of plasma urea nitrogen, are the known factors causing early or late embryonic death, delayed ovulation, environmental high temperature may induced stress or very low temperature in winter season.


Uterine inertia, incomplete involuation of uterus.
Incomplete sign of heat signs that is reflected as unnoticed, heat or no heat sign.
History of repeated insemination but no conception
Increased interval of heat period.


In condition or repeat beeading problem Ist day of heat administer Injection NRB forte from IInd day on word administer NRB forte dilutions upto 20 days. Remaining Injection at 10 day & 21 day.
injection is specially meant to cure anoestrus, where problem of uterine inertia, enlarged uterus and salpigitis in the use NRB forte dilution 4 days prior AI and after AI to improve recetability of uterus. And the survival sperms n the tract.


Provide nutrition to animals.
Keep proper vigilance on heat symptoms of animal for timely administion of medication and AI.


Injection each 10 ml for 3 days as advised above along with 180 ml diluction for 18 days in paking


Cattle & Buffaloes – 10ml
At ist day, 10th day and 21st day. of extra cycle.
Sheep & Goat – 2ml. (12 Hours at the end of heat)
at 7th day, 10th day, 16thay
Pig – 1st, 2nd, 3rd day of heat
Bitches before cotus & 20 hr after cotises