(The effective remedy for the diarrhea and dysentery)
The disease is of prime importance in farm animals and pets
The incidence of clinical condition is low about 5-10% or may be upto 25% in all ages of cattle and buffaloes, horses, pigs and pets
CAUSES: Diarrhoea whether small or Large bowel diarrhea happens in the animals due to many reasons like infections like salmonellosis, actinobacillosis, Ecoli, corynebacteriumequi, Clostridium spp. Treponema, Hyodysenteriaesuis, rotavirus, Coronavirus, TGE, colitisx, granulomatous enteritis, various parasitic agents likeFasciola spp. And Paramphistomes in the ruminants, roundworms, moneizia spp. Dipylidium caninum in dogs, various protozoal disease like coccidia Balantidium and fungal agents like Criptosporida Physical agents like sand, irritant chemicals like arsenic, florine, mercury and nitrates etc.
Due to above reasons abnormality of paristalsis of gut, increased caudal Flow, lack of absorption of fluid, may be complete intestinal stasis, secretory enteropathy or malabsorption due to villous atrophy and excitement induced functional diarrhea fear, over work, unfamiliar environment as too much cold or too much temperature may induce it. In foals lactose intolerance, in cattle carbohydrate indigestion causes paralytic ileus, ileal hypertrophy, ileitis, diverticulitis vagus indigestion in cows and buffaloes.


loss of apettite, loss of body weight feces scant or voluminous, soft smudge pattern of pheces, soiling of buttock, subacute dysentery, dullness, sunken eyes, dehydration, abdominal pain and drop in milk yeild. In horses thin hair coat, patchy alopesia, focal scaling and crushing, painful condition of anus. in dog rapid sudden onset of diarrhea with muscular tremor, convulsion and death.

Advice By Physician

In diarrhoea of Large Animals administer 5 ML deep muscular and in small animals administer 2ML deep muscular


Product is introduced in 10ML vial keep product cool dry and dark Place way from drect sunlight.

inj diarranil