(Effective remedy for Mastitis)
Composition (A)
China – 200
Bel – 1M
Silicea – 200
Conium – 30
Arc – 1M
Composition (B)
Bryo – 30
Borax – 1M
Calcarb -200
Mastitis / Mammitis in animals is responsible for heavy financial losses to Dairy men / farmers due to discarding of abnormal milk, reduced milk output, decreased butterfat and due to cost of treatment and the drugs and veterinary services.


Trauma to teats and udder by the suckling calf, or due to incomplete milking or improper techniques of milking and pendulous udder long cylindrical teats. Rough and unhygienic flooring. Invasion of bacteria, viruses and fungii from environment or from descending uterine infection.


Inflammatory condition of udder and Teats, visible discoloration of milk, blood tinged, reddish, yellow milk, clots and flakes in the milk Unpleasant taste of milk and hardening of udder due to swelling or partial fibrosis. complete stoppage of milk output or less output merely (100 ml.) from apparently large udder. (Sub clinical mastitis) without visible change or sometime there is rapid Onset of fever, anorexia and stoppage to milk production.


If the problem of uterine infection is associated with mastites. Metra solution is advised to control uterine problems, along with mastinil in the patient with previous history of mastitis it is advised to give two dosages at the interval of 2 -3 days.


Mastinil to introduced in two combination A & B to be administer separately.This product is a combo product (A) and (B) volume 10ml each. It is advised to administer both products of combinations at least for 3 days at the one day interval or as required. Keep product in cool, dry and Dark places away from direct sunlight & heat.


cattle & buffalo -10 ml. deep I/m
Horses – 10 ml. deep I/m
Sheep’s & Goat -2- 3 ml. deep I/m
Pigs – 5 ml. deep I/m
Bitches & Kitten – depending B.W. – 1-3 ml. deep I/m

injection mastinil for bacteria