(Effective and natural way to cure prolapse)
Composition (A)
10ml each
Lillium tig – 1m
Pulstilla – 200
Ruta – 3x
Composition (B)
sepia – 1m
Podophyllum – 6x
Belladonn – 200
Ferrum met – 1m
Primary causes of incidence of prolapse in foreign breeds are 20% while Indian breeds, 0.5-7% and buffaloes 10-30% causes large amount of extrogenic hormone being secreted by Placenta. That Cause Relaxation of pelvic ligaments and adjancent structure. Edema and the relaxation of vulvar sphinter muscles, increased intra adominal pressure, general weakness excessive amount of loose pelivic fat, certain type of legumes feeding and uneven surface of barn and faulty presentation of fetus. Are some secondary factors. After prolapse animals suffer from vaginitis, cervicitis, edema. Unseen cases may develop necrosis. Toxemia, septicemia resulting continue straining that may causes rapid loss of condtion, rapid loss of weight of the animal and death of fetus, follows uterine infection.


While sitting or lying down animal show mild protrusion of veginal mucous membranes.
Protrusion of vagina, cervix vulva later become edematous
Edema and the inflammation with mucus appears on protruded part, drying of these organs cause.
Tenesmus continuously making animals weak, debilated, leading to abortion of the fetuses may follow septicemia.


Incase of history of prolapse in combination with tenesmus & fever during pregnancy it is advised for long time After parturition use of medicine improve structural and functional problems effeetively and naturally.


Advice to owner to keep hygienic condition, and suculent nutition and minerals. Farmers are advised not to touch organ by hands or putting force to keep inside ,use the calendula lotion it is safe


This product is a combo product (A) and (B) volume 10ml each.
It is advised to administer both & duration / combinations atleast for 3 days.
Keep product in cool, dry and Dark places away from direct sunlight & heat.


cattle & buffalo -10ml. deep I/m
Horses – 10 ml. deep I/m
Pigs – 5 ml. deep I/m
Bitches & Kitten – depending B.W. – 1-3 ml. deep I/m

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