(Remedy For Metritis & Pyometra)
It is obvious from the scientific investigations the incidence of endometitis in dairy animals in about 7.5-40% (Gilbert 2006) 60 days after parturition incidence is recorded 37-74%. This is the main cause of reduction in conception rate upto 20%. Owner after repeated AI get frustrated and leave 3-14% animals abondoned. Uterine damages causes increase in luteal phase this Anoestrus condition develops. the ovulation process is retarded due to lack of estrogen hormones. infection of bacteria causes ovaritis, salpingintis, Mucometra, hydrometra, and pyometra or retained placenta induced problems aggravate uterine environment. Some times faulty AI process, and wind sucking condition of cows. Causes the metritis condition that may extend to ovary and oviduct leading to salpingits.


1. Reddish, white, dirty yellow pus (Discharges).
2. Cloudy Cervical Mucus
3. Swelling and enlargement of uterus thick walled and heavy.
4. Difficult painful urination.
5. Pus discharge while sitting. Which may be seen on perineum or tail of animal.
6. Redness & ulcerative vagina & vulva.
7. Prolonged anoestrus after parturition.
8. Repeated services and failure of conception.


Improvement of strctural defects and reduces pus formation naturally effectively by improving uterine defense mechanism. The product is introduced in 180 ml bottle
Doses – cattle and buffaloes 10 ml orally per day for 18 days or suggested by physician.
Horses and mule 10 ml orally per day B.D for 18 days or suggested by physician.
Sheep &goats3-5ml orally per day B.D. for 18 days or suggested by physician.
Bitches and queens 1-2 ml orally per day B.D for 18 days or suggested by physician.

metranil medicine